(27 NOV 2016)Job recovery for BOTH Mexico and the USA!

Mathematician Larry Dickson
tells how to surf the Trump wave
and reverse economic desertification

The shocking wisdom of G. K. Chesterton comes back a century later to show the way out of the trap - a trap that is wrecking young lives North and South of the border. The solution is incredibly simple, and both sides win!

"This is very good, and very accurate."
- John Medaille, prominent Third Way economist and author of Toward a Truly Free Market

La Recuperación Mexicana Propulsada por Donald Trump

The Trump-driven Mexican Recovery

(14 DEC 2008)Here is the flaw, Mr. Greenspan!

Larry Dickson's mathematical analysis
that pinpoints the causes of
the subprime mortgage market breakdown

The mystery is solved by answering the question, "Why in 2005 did many people with ordinary resources foresee the coming housing collapse, and yet the masters of multi-billion-dollar finance were blind to it?"

The phenomenon of compulsory moral hazard feeds into a mathematical flaw in the market model, causing quality collapse and irrational behavior. Read the proofs by Dr. Dickson (a PhD in mathematics from Princeton), and see the simple but surprising measures that can prevent this disaster (which has already happened twice) from recurring and getting worse each time.

Computerized monoculture and the failure of the market

(11 NOV 2008)Solid Ground in Computing

Larry Dickson's web page
about ancient, proven techniques
for completely reliable hardware and software
Work in progress: 11 Nov 2008

The current morass of buggy, unpredictable, impossible-to-understand programming is not the result of some malignant laws of computer science. It is historical accident. Read the links below to find a simple, but long-forgotten, exit from this swamp.

Here's how easy it is

A sketched sample

Who wrecked computing?

How to fix it (documents)

More information (links)

Personal (resumes)