How to fix it (documents)

We need to start from scratch, but there are tremendous resources still available from before the metaphoric explosion. And designing new hardware has never been easier, with cores available for clean, cheap merging.

The occam language is perfectly robust, but compile-time static. The requirement of well-defined, transparent ownership of resources can allow more flexibility than that. This permits operating systems and, in fact, a robust software and hardware renaissance. I have written several detailed notes on these issues, available in pdf form.

tacliwhp.pdf White paper on the resource-oriented language project, with a complete discussion of metaphor issues, and a proposed path to a universal cure, prototyped on legacy hardware. This is a work in progress.

execsumm.pdf Executive summary of the resource-oriented language project.

rcawcxs.pdf Executive summary of my related hardware invention. The patent documents are downloadable from the USPTO web site as Patent Application 20060242339 (please contact me if you want more details).

The papers are written in proposal form. Any information as to possible grants or investors would be very much appreciated.